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New Book Released – “Robust Cloud Integration with Azure”

Just a shout out that our new book, published by Packt, has recently been released!


Many congratulations to my fellow authors: Mahindra Morar, Abhishek Kumar, Martin Abbott, Gyanendra Kumar Gautam and Ashish Bhambhani.

We are very fortunate to have a cast of expert reviewers.  My sincere thanks for taking the time to review our chapters and provide feedback: Bill Chesnut, Glenn Colpaert, Howard S. Edidin and Riaan Gouws.

The book represents about a year of hard work.

It was great to work with my fellow authors.  We are based in Australia, New Zealand and the United States and worked collaboratively.

The book is about designing and building “robust” (i.e. well designed) integration solutions using Azure (Microsoft’s cloud platform).  It starts off by setting the scene around what cloud integration is and why companies are interested (or should be interested!).  The chapters that follow then provide practical examples around:

  • Building an API in the cloud and hosting in App Service
  • Utilising API Management
  • Creating workflows in the cloud using Logic Apps
  • Hooking up and extending the functionality of SaaS applications using Logic Apps
  • Using Functions to run arbitrary code
  • Building loosely coupled and scalable solutions using Service Bus
  • Introduces Event Hubs and IoT Hubs
  • Using the Enterprise Integration Pack to handle EAI/B2B type scenarios
  • Hybrid integration – pairing BizTalk Server 2016 with Logic Apps
  • Keeping within the theme of “robustness”, a run down of the tooling and monitoring available for Logic Apps
  • Crystal ball gazing – what’s next for Microsoft integration?  Which involves a look at Flow, the lightweight version of Logic Apps.

As you can see, it touches on all the tools available in Azure to build integration solutions, hooking up different solutions and devices (on and off premises).

Personally, it has been a very busy last 12 months, with the blessing of another son born (son #2), working on the book and also engaged on a very demanding project at work.  I learnt lots from writing my sections and also reading chapters written by others.  It was great to make friends with new people from different parts of the world too.

I hope you find the book a useful addition to your library :-).


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  1. Great work James 🙂 Hope our journey continues

    March 31, 2017 at 1:07 am

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