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Timeout Publishing Database Project to Azure

I had created a new database project in Visual Studio 2013 and every attempt to publish the project to my Azure hosted database failed with this error:

Creating publish preview… Failed to import target model [database_name]. Detailed message Unable to reconnect to database: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

This was particularly annoying since I could successfully test the connection from VS:

Visual Studio Test Connection OK

So why was I getting the timeout?

A quick Google found this post on stackoverflow.

As mentioned in the post, I logged into the Azure Management Portal and switched my database to the Standard tier, from the Basic tier:

Switch DB to Standard Tier

I tried again to publish and hey presto, it finally worked!!

DB Publish Success

I then switched my database back to the Basic tier.

Maybe this is a bug or perhaps the Basic tier doesn’t afford sufficient DTUs to complete the publish within a reasonable time (DTU = Database throughput unit).


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